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Who we are


translated from German:  Justin Woods, Ireland

This website was created in memory of all the children who were born under Stalin's dictatorship in one of the ten special camps in the soviet zone of Germany or a prison of the GDR.

After the second word war the allies and the soviets build prison camps in witch Nazis would have been interned. Therefore they used former concentration camps of the Nazis like Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen or Dachau. But in the soviet sector many of those in prison weren't Nazis so much as critics of the communist regime. Many of them haven't committed any crime at all.

More than 123.000 Germans where incarcerated in special camps of the soviets between 1945 and 1950 and more then 42.000 didn't survived that time. The 1950 official final report of the soviet Department of the Special Camps states the number of deceased as 42,889. That's a death rate of 36%. The inmates simply died from starvation or from illnesses they could not overcome because of their weak condition.

We are children, who where born in one of this camps or prisons.

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