Mothers and children in Sachsenhausen

In a park in St. Petersburg, not far from the Peter and Paul Fortress, stands a memorial stone to the millions of known and unknown victims of repression, as the victims of communism are called there. On it are words from Anna Akhmatova’s Requiem:

“I wanted to call them all by name”

This quotation became the leitmotif of my research. Therefore, you will find here the name, the date of birth and the place of birth of those children who could be determined by me in the files or by hints of contemporary witnesses so far. Sometimes the name of the mother is mentioned in the documents, but about the child only the date and place of birth, but not the first name or gender.

Not all children survived the imprisonment and it is absolutely certain that not all children will be listed here. I am therefore always grateful for further information.

Hans Joachim03.08.1945Camp Ketschendorf
Rositha11.11.1945Camp Landsberg
boy, first name unknown13.02.1946Camp Ketschendorf
Thomas28.02.1946Camp Torgau
Michael01.03.1946Camp Sachsenhausen
Monika06.04.1946Camp Torgau
Ekkhard25.04.1946Camp Sachsenhausen
HelmutMai 1946Camp Ketschendorf
girl, first name unknown11.06.1946Camp Buchenwald
boy, first name unknown11.09.1946Camp Bautzen
Manfred29.06.1946Camp Sachsenhausen
Bärbel13.10.1946Camp Fünfeichen
Renate18.10.1946Camp Torgau
Christine18.10.1946Camp Sachsenhausen
Gerhard19.10.1946Camp Sachsenhausen
Birgitt Elsa (†)13.11.1946Camp Fünfeichen
Barbara19.11.1946Camp Sachsenhausen
Günther01.12.1946Camp Torgau
Johanna03.12.1946Camp Bautzen
Astrid13.01.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Joachim14.01.1947Camp Jamlitz
Bärbel18.01.1947Camp Torgau
Hubertus08.03.1947Camp Mühlberg
child, name and sex unknown22.03.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Peter04.04.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Bernd04.05.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Klaus11.05.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Hans-Jürgen14.05.1947Camp Buchenwald
Wolfgang23.06.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Alexander (†)17.08.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Virginia17.08.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Werner-Joachim18.08.1947Camp Bautzen
boy, first name unknown09.10.1947Camp Bautzen
Klaus-Peter12.11.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Ingeborg17.11.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Karin29.11.1947Camp Mühlberg
Elfriede02.12.1947Camp Mühlberg
Roswita23.12.1947Camp Sachsenhausen
Lydia17.02.1948Camp Sachsenhausen
Roland03.03.1948Camp Bautzen
Wolfgang-Alexander18.04.1948Camp Bautzen
Viktoria13.06.1948Camp Bautzen
Felicitas29.06.1948Camp Sachsenhausen
Petra17.07.1948Camp Sachsenhausen
Diana Beate12.08.1948Camp Sachsenhausen
Isabella18.08.1948Camp Sachsenhausen
Heinz20.08.1948Camp Sachsenhausen
girl, first name unknown07.09.1948Camp Bautzen
Erika21.09.1948Camp Sachsenhausen
Dagmar (†)22.09.1948Camp Sachsenhausen
Waltraud29.09.1948 SVA Halle
Dag12.10.1948 SVA Magdeburg
Birgit13.11.1948Camp Bautzen
Klaus-DieterJan.1949Camp Sachsenhausen
Annemarie28.06.1949Camp Sachsenhausen
Gerhard16.09.1949Camp Sachsenhausen
Jochen23.11.1949Camp Sachsenhausen
Michael24.12.1949Camp Sachsenhausen
boy, first name unknown29.12.1949Camp Sachsenhausen
Viktor-Harald26.02.1950SVA Hoheneck
Jorinna26.03.1950SVA Hoheneck
Uwe-Carsten12.04.1950SVA Hoheneck
Heinz-Rüdiger04.06.1950SVA Hoheneck
Dorothea01.07.1950SVA Hoheneck
Elke12.08.1950SVA Hoheneck
Karl-Heinz07.10.1950SVA Hoheneck
Udo26.10.1950SVA Hoheneck
stillbirth without a name (†)13.11.1950SVA Hoheneck
Franz-Arthur15.11.1950SVA Bautzen
Claus21.11.1950SVA Hoheneck
Hans-Günter25.11.1950SVA Hoheneck
Michael (†)11.12.1950SVA Hoheneck
Erika15.12.1950SVA Hoheneck
Gilda23.12.1950 SVA Hoheneck
Johanna-Karen03.01.1951SVA Hoheneck
Rainer-Matthias12.02.1951SVA Hoheneck
Sylivia03.03.1951SVA Hoheneck
Ulrich09.03.1951SVA Hoheneck
boy, first name unknown03.05.1951SVA Hoheneck
Bernd-Karl01.08.1951SVA Hoheneck
Sigrun (†)24.08.1951SVA Hoheneck
Diana27.09.1951SVA Hoheneck
Gabriele09.10.1951Transport in die UdSSR
Ilona17.10.1951SVA Hoheneck
Frank-Rüdiger14.11.1951 SVA Hoheneck
Annett03.01.1952SVA Waldheim
Frank-Gerd01.03.1952SVA Waldheim
girl, first name unknown03.03.1952SVA Hoheneck
Dietmar12.03.1952SVA Hoheneck
Karin27.05.1952SVA Hoheneck
Michael Ronald30.05.1952SVA Halberstadt
Hans-Günther (†)14.07.1952SVA Hoheneck
Carmen09.03.1953SVA Hoheneck
Ute05.10.1953SVA Meusdorf